Millennium Signatures Technicians

Millennium Signatures will be at the IMTS Show at the McCormick Place facilities in Chicago this September 12th through 17th representing our Marksman Series Dot Peen Marking Products and our TYKMA Electrox Galvo Laser Marking Systems line.

If you are interested in seeing the latest products from either of these exciting lines, it’s encouraged that you contact our offices before the show and we will make sure to schedule a time to meet with you one-on-one to view the product(s) you’re interested in seeing and get you the answers you looking for.
Jeff Guenther along with Vjeko Luburic (Technical Sales) will be transversing between our two booths at the show and do not want to miss the opportunity to meet with you.

Millennium Signatures suppliers of:

  • Electro-Chemical Etching Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
  • Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems & Automated Integrations
  • Air Vibro Engraving Pens
  • Industrial Marking Inks & Solvents
  • Computerized Dot Peen Markers
  • Custom Cut Stencils – All materials
  • Custom Part Marking Services
  • Custom Engraved Steel Stamps
  • Circumferential Marking Solutions
  • Linear & 2D Barcoding Systems
  • 2D and 3D Engraving
  • Pad Printing Services
  • Custom Rubber Stamps

Give us a call (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at and let us know you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.



2D Code for Tool Tracking

EMBED DOCUMENTS PERMANENTLY ONTO YOUR PRODUCT for fast easy reference by the manufacturers or their customers for the life of the product.

Embed a DOCUMENT or DRAWINGS right onto you part permanently!
Using the equipment we sell or our in-house Custom Part Marking Services, we can show you how we have the ability to permanently etch a small 2D Code onto your parts that can hold incredible amounts of information (pages and pages) of specifications, drawings etc., which is accessible from almost any typical smartphone in seconds. Imagine having the capability to take a cutting tool you’ve been using for a couple years in the palm of your hand and pulling your smartphone from your pocket, essentially taking a picture of a small square code permanently etched onto your part to instantly reveal the original Bill of Sale for that component or maybe a Drawing showing the original Spec Sheet for that tool or even a Manual on how to use it!  Perhaps all three in a PDF File that appears instantly on your Cell Phone or Computer. It does not matter how old the tool is or if it is oily or greasy from years of use. Wipe the part clean and retrieve your information in seconds. Give your customers this incredibly fast, reliable and super convenient accessibility to with your products.

This technology is here. It’s affordable and it works flawlessly. Our team at Millennium Signatures are specialists in this type of product identification and traceability.
Its possible to permanently etch these codes successfully into almost any material.  Contact Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., for more information.

T: (905) 639-0909


Jeff_Guenther QR Code

QR Codes, 2D Matrix, UID Codes and of course traditional Linear Barcodes!

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. specializes in Marking Technologies that not only allow Human Readable information to be permanently and professionally marked on your parts, but also all the machine readable code symbologies that are now available...
Machine Readable Code Technology today is amazing! By scanning the QR Code shown below you will immediately be able to access all of my information. You will have my contact details, photograph company website and even a direct link to my Facebook and LinkedIn pages using your smart phone in a matter of just a few seconds.

You can download free apps to your phone which will scan this code right off your computer screen or a printed document.


A free download we strongly recommend from the app store is the  i-nigma QR Code Reader.

Now… Consider that Millennium Signatures can supply your company with the technology to Etch or Stamp these codes directly onto your products which when scanned can provide pages of detail such as Users Manuals, Specifications, Safety Instructions, MSDS Data or virtually any other data onto the computer screens or cell phones of the user that scans that code instantly!
Think the value of these codes is amazing on paper, imagine the value of one of these codes permanently etched using Galvo Driven Laser Technology right onto your metal or plastic components.
We also supply leading edge Computerized Dot Peen Stamping Technology which will provide a very durable 2D Code also.

Detailed data for a specific part that is always carried and accessible with that part at all times. Once this catches on it will be everywhere. It makes getting important data fast and reliable.

Contact Millennium Signatures and consult with our Technical Sales people to learn more about the capabilities of embedding extensive amounts of detailed information within a single 2D machine readable code etched permanently on your products.
We can provide you with both the Marking Equipment and the Scanning Technology and SHOW YOU HOW!
Its easy and works amazing!

Contact our offices at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at


It’s been 26 Years!
Saturday August 6th marked the start of my 27th year in business as a specialists in Product Identification and Traceability. Starting with the base of all those processes once popular such as Custom Engraved Steel Stamps and Dies, Roll Marking, Numbering Heads, Direct and Offset Printing Technologies and the tried and true Electro-Chemical Etching process, I went on the work with the development of today’s staple product traceability processes including Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems (which I first started working with back in 1987), Various NEW Nameplate and Custom Label Technologies, Barcode Technologies including Linear, 2D, QR and UID Codes and an extra special emphasis on Galvo Driven Laser Marking Equipment, Applications and Integration.

Over this past 26 Years, my team and I have implemented product marking and traceability solutions for an incredibly diverse range of applications around the world including everything from Medical /Surgical (Instrument & Implant) applications, to Food Processing, Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas Exploration, Weapons Manufacturing and hundreds upon hundreds of unique specialty manufacturing applications which do not easily fit into any typical product designation.

Today, Millennium Signatures Marking Systems has a dynamic range of products and services designed to support the cutting edge technology of today’s Manufacturing Environment while still fully supporting the older tried and true processes of days past. In addition to our years of experience, application testing and integration capabilities we also provide the following services today:

Our full range of services include:

  • In-house artwork department and photo studio, working on both PC and MAC based platforms
  • Application Testing Facilities
  • Machine Readable Code Generation and Verification
  • Our Custom Inks Division provided very high quality Marking Inks used for virtually any type of in based Marking Application including high volume in-line marking requirements
  • Custom Marking Services uses all of the various products we sell combined with over 60 Years experience to provide the highest quality part marking results on your parts to your exact specifications for you with fast, efficient turn-around times.
  • Laser Marking System Repairs

Our full range of products include:

  • Laser Marking Systems

Chemical Etching Systems and Supplies including:

  • Electrolytes
  • Neutralizers
  • Stencil Papers
  • Stencil Imprinters
  • Marking Electrodes
  • Rust Protective Oils
  • Dot Peen Marking Systems and Accessories
  • Custom Formulated Marking Inks
  • Pad Printing Services
  • Custom Cut Stencils ( All materials)
  • Custom Nameplates & Poly Labels
  • Hand Held Vibro Marking Tools
  • Electric (Arc) Stressless Etching Systems & Accessories
  • Custom Engraved Hand Stamps and Steel Dies, Roll Dies, Steel Character Type (Inserts)
  • and more…

Thank-you to all the companies around the world that we deal with daily who have brought us their applications, challenged us with their unique requirements and allowed us to implement solutions for them. We owe all of our success to you!

We look forward to continuing our support of your applications in the years to come.

Thanks again!

Jeff A. Guenther
President / Owner
Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

T: (905) 639-0909

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

Holiday Greeting

Happy Holidays from Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

As another year winds down to a close, we would like to thank all of our great clients for their continued support and the new challenges they have brought us throughout this past year. Millennium Signatures has had a great year with not only with significant growth coming from successful dealings with many new clients across North America and around the world, but we also invested significant monies into new technologies and the addition of great people to help us to offer a range of new services at a higher standard of service than ever before.

We are excited about the merger that occurred in 2015 between Electrox Lasers and TYKMA Lasers for Marking and this brings an extended range of capabilities and services that we can pull from to support all of our clients needs throughout Canada. We are confident that products such as the Minilase Series Marking Systems will fill a void and we are excited to have our clients visit our facility and experience this equipment for themselves.
We have a very effective Fume & Particle Extraction Systems, Class I Marking Enclosures, Precision X/Y Tables, Rotary Axis for Circumferential Marking and even a system rental program now in addition to many other accessories and services to support your Laser Part Marking requirements in the coming years.

We have invested considerably more money into our Custom Part Marking Services Division and we have not only expanded the range of our capabilities, but we have made it possible to turn your orders around and have your products back to you even faster! We now offer marking services on nearly all materials from metals and specialty alloys to plastics, wood, acrylics, stone and more. We have increased our ability to mark complex circumferential components such as gauges and dials plus increased our working area for control panels and larger signs and plaques.

We have refreshed our Electro-Chemical Etching product line and we now offering some NEW products and at a new lower price point! We offer a very complete range of Marking Electrolytes, Neutralizers, Hand Markers, Power Units and complete Marking Kits to suit all applications from small hobby work such as Knife Making to Deep Etch (Aerospace) Component Part Marking in a production environment.

Millennium Signatures continues to lead with our Marksman line
of Computerized Dot Peen Marking Equipment which offers an excellent quality product at a very reasonable price point. We maintain a large inventory of Bench-Top, Hand-held Portable and Universal Mount (Integrator Series) Models along with spare parts and accessories in-stock at all times. These systems are available starting at as low as $3,500.00 for basic systems.

These are only a few of the areas we have made specific advancement in throughout this past year. We continue to offer Custom Cut Stencils from such materials as Oil Board, Mylar, Brass, Stainless and Mild Steel. We also continue to design and build precision Jigs & Fixtures to assist in optimizing the efficiency of your marking system. We also continue to custom make Steel Hand Stamps, Inserts and Roll Dies and supply a wide assortment of Stamp Holders, Steel Insert Type and Tooling to support traditional marking processes.

From our staff to yours, we hope you have a great holiday and wish you the very best for the New Year.

Millennium Signatures will continue to operate at full capacity up until noon on December 24th, 2015 (Christmas Eve). We will then close for the holiday and re-open with a skeleton crew on Monday Dec. 28th, 2015 and will maintain operations to a limited capacity until noon on December 31st (New Years Eve).
We officially re-open and operate at full capacity again on Monday January 4th, 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you in 2016!

683-3-2 and 683-3-2 Clear Polyurethane Protective Coatings for Aerospace Components

Polyurethane Top Coat

S73X- NW Aerospace Grade Inks & Clear Polyurethane Top Coat

Fresh supplies of Aerospace Part Identification Inks & Protective Coatings are maintained in-stock and available through Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.
Refer to products 683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Clear Polyurethane Topcoat for Aerospace component part application and also our S73X-NW Series Marking Inks and Reconditioners.

683-3-2 and 683-3-20 Clear Polyurethane Topcoat products are available in either 1.5 or 3.0 Quart Kits.

S73X-NW Aerospace Grade Inks are available in BLACK, WHITE and RED.  They are sold in 16oz containers.  S73X-NW Reconditioner is also supplied in 16oz containers.

Contact our in-house Sales Engineers for more information by contacting our head office at (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at  Specification sheets are available upon request.

Fume & Particle Extraction Systems designed for Laser Marking applications

Running a business these days, there is always so much to do…
If your are going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time and put that task successfully behind you.

Millennium Signatures believes in this and therefore strives to offer quality products that will perform to the highest standards and last for years and years. One of our products that we recommend highly is our series of Fume and Particle Extraction Systems designed for use with Laser Marking Systems. Our Fume & Particle Extraction Systems are extremely well constructed, compact and easily repositionable. Most importantly they are very quiet compared to anything else on the market.

The benefits of having good Fume & Particulate Extraction extend beyond just the health of your operators and the local working environment. Having adequate removal of the metallic dust and residual byproducts left from the Laser Marking or Engraving process is very beneficial to the heath and longevity fo your Laser System and computers etc. Protect your investment! Fume and Particle Extraction systems and UPS Battery Back-up Systems are always good ideas to ensure your Laser Marking System remains operational and performing at peak levels year after year.

Our systems sit at a height 38.5″ or (97.79cm) off the floor and have a width and depth of just 17.0″ or (43.18cm) square.
These systems are easily positioned behind a marking system or beneath a work table and provide a heavy duty soft pliable tubing that extend out to connect to your Marking enclosure or lasing platform. The tower itself is easily accessible for filter maintenance and changes and is mounted on a quality industrial locking caster wheel which makes reposition of the system effortless.

Our systems run off standard 110V circuits and they are powerful offering complete suction control through the digital interface located conveniently near the top of the system for easy access. Our systems can also be provided with a lead connection that can integrate with your Laser Marker allowing it to turn on and off with the Laser System itself.

We have these systems on display and in use at our Burlington, Ontario Facility. Please contact our Sales Engineers to arrange a visit or call (905) 639-0909 or e-mail us at for pricing and additional information.

Considering buying a laser to mark your products? Consider this…

Deep Engraving - Precision Circumferential Marking

There a number of companies out there selling lasers for marking and engraving, but there are also many differences between the various systems and it’s difficult unless you work with the technology day in and day out to know what to look for…

What’s right for you?

You can get some samples produced and that’s always a good start, but at Millennium Signatures we are finding that clients who are approaching that purchase find tremendous comfort in using our Custom Part Marking Services Division. They have their parts precision marked to their specifications by our experienced staff, whether it be a few batches even a few weeks production to fully see what our Precision Galvo Driven Lasers can do. It gives you to the chance to see the final result done right on all of your part configurations. It gives you time to get feed back from colleagues and customers. It allows you to learn about the various models and features we offer. Take some time to work side-by-side with our operators to make the equipment do what you really need it to do in a real day-to-day production environment.
The best part of using this service ahead of a system purchase is that we provide you with the fixturing and layout files we created to mark your parts to perfection. Upon receiving your NEW purchase, you will already have extensive training and knowledge. You will also have part fixturing (if required) and layout files ready to pull up and mark immediately. This is a huge advantage and a great place to start when first receiving your system.
You were going to find a way to mark those parts anyway. Why not have our Marking Services Department process that production for you, giving you adequate opportunity to feel 100% about your purchase.  Its money very well spent.

Buy with confidence!  Be ready to go…

We have over 25 Years experience with Laser Marking Technology
Contact our offices at  (905) 639-0909 or inquire by e-mail at for more information.


1550 Yorkton Court Facility

Unit #12 located at 1550 Yorkton Court – Burlington, Ontario CANADA L7P 5B7

Its been a year already since we moved into our NEW Burlington Facility at 1550 Yorkton Court. This is a great facility that gives adequate room for holding a larger inventory and providing in-house diagnostic & repair services.  We also have ample room for processing sample parts with any of our various Marking Technologies.  We also have a show room that gives you the ability see all of the actual equipment and view hundreds of samples from past projects to fully understand the scope of capabilities associated with each technology.
If you are looking to implement a new product identification process and you are able to visit our Burlington, Ontario facility we encourage you to give us a call and schedule a visit.  Many of our Custom Part Marking Services are also processed at this facility also.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., specializes in helping the manufacturing industry obtain better identification on almost any product using one of the following products and/or processes:

  • Steel Stamps & Individual Character Inserts
  • Custom Engraved Steel Stamping Dies
  • Holders, Tooling & Fixturing
  • Stamping Presses
  • Custom Hand Stamps & ID Punches
  • Marking Inks (Industrial & Aerospace Grade)
  • Manual Electric Etching Systems
  • Manual Air Vibro Etching Pens
  • CNC Scribe (Scratch) Marking Technology
  • Computerized Dot Peen (CNC) Stamping Systems
  • Electro-Chemical Etching Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
  • VIN Etch Stencils for Acid Etching on Glass
  • Custom made Metal Signs & Nameplates
  • Custom Part Marking Services
  • Custom Cut Stencils in a variety of materials
  • Laser Marking Systems, Accessories & Services
  • On-site Laser System Training & Repair
  • Laser Sintering Services

For additional information or call our offices at (905) 639-0909 or e-mail to have a member of our technical team assist you with your product inquiry.


August 6th, 2015

It was 25 years ago today. I started out assisting in the effort to familiarize the manufacturing sector with the incredible capabilities of Galvo Driven Nd:YAG Lamp Pumped Laser Technology for Industrial Part Marking Applications. I custom integrated 50, 75, 100 and even 150-Watt Lasers into various different manufacturing environments one by one under the Canadian Laser Technologies label. 25 Years later the company has grown to become Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., a full service company specializing in Product Identification & Traceability Systems and Services. Today we offer a diverse range of products which still include the latest in Fibre Laser Marking Technology surrounded by several other technologies including:

  • Electro-Chemical Etching
  • Computerized Dot Peen Marking
  • Electric Etch/Scribe
  • Vibro Etch

plus a range of Products & Services such as specialty Marking Inks, custom made Signs, Nameplates and Labels. we have unique services such as our Laser Sintering process and our Custom Parts Marking Services facility. Its hard to believe its been 25 years, but its a great feeling to look back at the growth of the various technologies and reflect upon the thousands of applications we have had a hand in developing. Over the past 25 years we have supplied solutions to assist in the manufacturing process of Aircraft Components, Parts for Nuclear Power Production, Medical & Surgical Instruments and hundreds upon hundreds of unique and interesting custom projects up to and including signage for high-end Fashion Designers and even Hollywood Movie props.

To all of our customers, old and new we thank-you for your support and the opportunity to work on new products and processes with you.