What is Electro-Chemical Etching?



Electro-Chemical Etching is a very cost effective, easy to use process that allows you to put high quality markings (identification) onto your metal parts permanently without causing any damage to the surface or structural integrity of the component. The process takes just a couple of minutes to perform and allows you to put virtually any Alpha-Numeric Text, Symbols, Logo’s, Schematics, Warnings, 2D Matrix Codes and much more onto a metal surface regardless of how hard the metal might be. In fact the harder the metal the better the results often are. Ideal for difficult marking applications such as Carbide and Titanium, the Chemical Etching Process is extremely versatile for those working with conductive metals. The systems can deliver white or “clear” markings on Black Oxide coatings for maximum contrast and beautiful dark (almost black) high contrast results on white metals. The information being etched is the result of a stencil that is made. For Logos and high volume marking applications where the information stays the same, Millennium Signatures can produce Long Life Fabric Stencils which can deliver sharp crisp marking results over and over again potentially marking hundreds, if not thousands of parts. For those applications where variable information is required and changing constantly, we have Stencil Imprinting Systems and Disposable Stencil Paper Product that allow you to make good quality stencils quickly and easily  on-demand using a computer.

Electro-Chemical Etching or “Chemical Etching” as it is most commonly referred, is a little like a miniature EDM process. It uses safe sodium based solutions combined with a pulsing low voltage electrical current to dissolve the metal and extract it through the stencil into a special cloth pad known as a Monopad in just seconds. At the same time as you are removing small trace amounts of material, you are creating and oxide which permanently remains in the aperture or cavity of the mark. This is what gives the mark its high contrast result, making the marking easy to see and pleasing to the eye. This process is not new, this process has been around and continuously developed since the 1950’s and it is very popular for use on everything Chef’s Knives, to Metal Tooling, to the Landing Gear on Military and Commercial Aircraft just to name a couple. There are thousands upon thousands of applications for this extremely versatile process.
The marking is permanent! How permanent is a function of how deep into the metal you allow the process to go. For manufacturers of Food Preparation Equipment or Medial Instruments and/or Implants who do not want a cavity in the product that could harbor bacteria or other contaminants, high contrast markings of just a few tenths of a thousandth of an inch are used (0.002″), however you can also purchase equipment that is more powerful and has features allowing you to mark up to depths of 0.012″ if required. This would be typical of an Aerospace Application where long lasting identification is a must and needs to even be easily view-able after layers of protective paint are applied.
The process has a long list of valuable benefits which appeal to most industries including, Aerospace, Nuclear, Precision Tooling, Medical/Surgical, Instruments and more…

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Galvo Driven Laser Marking Technology – How much does it cost?

Electrox FleXYZ System
Electrox FleXYZ System

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., specializes in various methods of product identification including Electro-Chemical Etching, Impact Stamping, Computerized Dot Peen Marking, Custom Formulated Inks & Solvents for Direct & Offset Printing, Tags & Nameplates, Vibro Etching and more, but our focus since the late 1980’s have been on our Laser Marking Systems.  Formerly manufacturing and integrating our own systems as Canadian Laser Technologies and for several years now we have worked exclusively with Electrox Laser as an exclusive Canadian Distributor and Full Service Field Support represenative. We have our own in-house applications lab and we have a number of technicians on staff that have a very advanced level of knowledge about Lasers, their applications and how to troubleshoot and repair such equipment.

There is no doubt about two things when it comes to the Galvo Driven Laser Marking Process, Firstly, it is undoubtedly the most versatile and efficient method of marking in existence and secondly, it has become considerably more affordable over the past 5-10 years.  The one question our Customer Care Center answers daily is “How much does it cost to get into this type of technology?“.  The purpose of this blog is to break the pricing down into some basic budgetary figures so you know roughly what you should expect when buying this type of Technology in Canada.

Base Laser System
Base Laser System






The answer is simply $30,000.00 Canadian Dollars at the entry level and as much as $60,000.00+ depending on numerous factors including additional features and automation often required for material handling purposes.

To start with the very most basic Galvo Driven Laser Marking System we offer, it be an initial investment of approximately $30,000.00 Canadian Dollars.  This would consist of our Raptor I (5-Watt) Nd:YV04 Laser Marker complete with Latest Version “Scriba” Operating Software and a 163mm Field Lens which would provide you with a marking field of 4.72″ X 4.72″ Square or 5.51 diameter round and a working distance of 7.24″ which represents the distance that would be needed between the output optic of the laser and the marking surface of the part.  Keeping with this same basic configuration, the lasers get more powerful and are designed with different optical combinations and features that will give different marking results.  Pricing for the Lasers themselves can span upwards of $50,000.00 Canadian Dollars.  This is technically everything you would need along with a pair of 1064nm – OD:6 Laser Safety Glasses and a PC to start marking parts with with incredible speed and precision.  However, this would be considered a Class IV System and it is not suitable for many situations do to the visual safety of others in the vicinity.

EMS-200 Workstation (Medium)
EMS-200 Workstation (Medium)








Most Laser Markers today are sold systems which include a workstation or protective marking enclosure which meets Class I certification and protects both the operator and those working within direct visual range of the laser marking process. Marking enclosures these days provide a lot more than just visual protection from the process, they also provide tooling plates, fume extraction ports, built-in lighting, Manual or Programmable Power Z-Axis for focal height adjustment and built-in push button control among others.  These Marking enclosures come in a range of sizes and features and can be built custom to suit your unique applications as well. These marking enclosures start at as little $3,000.00 Canadian Dollars and can be as much as $15,000.00 Canadian Dollars depending on the model and features you request. These rough budgetary numbers are based around our standard product line and does not reflect custom design & built or modified workstations which can be more expensive and are quoted independently once all the parameters are known. The EMS-100 is the small entry level member of the family and is fairly basic with a manual door and viewing window.  The EMS-200 is the medium sized member of the series and it has a unique 3-sided pneumatic door assembly and Programmable Power Z-Axis Lift for the laser (as pictured above).  The EMS-300 is the largest of the non-custom enclosures we provide and it also is equipped with a Pneumatic Door Assembly, Power Programmable Z-Axis along with the capacity for larger parts and the ability to enclose a 300mm Precision Programmable X/Y Axis Table assembly.


Once you have a Laser and potentially a Marking Enclosure you may be in need of additional features such as Linear Shuttles, Rotary Indexing Tables, Precision Programmable X/Y Tables and Rotary Attachments etc., allowing full circumferential marking to be done.  These features may be required to increase throughput or manipulate some products allowing them to be marked as needed. We do provide Custom Turn-Key Automated Solutions, but they are difficult to value without knowing the specifics of the application, however we do have a number of standard off the shelf extras such as our ZD-30 or ZD-80 Plug & Play Rotary Attachments for Circumferential Marking and our 300mm X/Y Table (XE Model) Precision programmable X/Y Axis Table Assembly. If these items might be required for your application, it would be advised that you need to calculate in approximately $4000.00 Canadian Dollars for the Circumferential Marking Capability and at least $20,000.00 Canadian Dollars for the High Precision Plug & Play Programmable X/Y Table capability. There are more than one model of Rotary Axis and more than one model of Programmable X/Y Axis Table available as there are varying levels of capacity, speed and precision, but the figures provided are meant only as a guideline to provide you with a concept of what the system you figure you require might cost.

There are many other options available such as Multi-Position Rotary Indexing Tables, Conveyor Systems, Pick & Place, Robotics and more than we can provide as a turn-key solution, but a full evaluation of what specifically will be required needs to be done before we can accurately provide any pricing.


It was not all that long ago that Laser Marking Systems relied on water as their form of cooling and maintenance was a priority.  There was a water system to maintain which included water to change, filters to replace, periodic leaks and plenty of cleaning to keep the systems running efficiently.  In addition to the cooling aspect of these system, lamp pump systems required lamps to be changed a few times per year depending on use.  There was periodic alignment and tuning of the optical rail that was needed to power.  They were still far ahead of any other marking technology in terms of capability and efficiency, but there was still much to consider once you made the initial purchase.  Today, things are very different.  The Electrox Line of  lasers are air cooled and very compact.  They are virtually maintenance free for the life of the source.  These lasers are very different from the lasers of just 5 to 10 years ago.  The technology has really advanced and Millennium Signatures and Electrox has made owning these systems effortless.  It is all about the initial investment, the cost of owning and maintaining this equipment  is extremely low.  Once you have the system installed and start operating, the system operates very efficiently on a 110V circuit and required nothing else.  Some of the Marking Enclosures such as the EMS-200 and EMS-300 do have pneumatic door assemblies with open and close automatically requiring compressed air to be available, but otherwise no additional requirements.

Estimated life expectancy of the laser source is 50,000 hours.


Standard warranty on Electrox built Laser Marking Systems & Accessories is as follows: 3 Years on the Laser Source – 2 Years on the Electronics

On-site Laser Service
On-site Laser Service






Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., is equipped with fully trained technicians and the diagnostic equipment to repair your laser system on-site.  Millennium Signatures has an extensive back ground working with Nd:YAG, CO2, Lamp Pumped, Diode Pumped, Nd:YV04 and Fibre Lasers and maintains an inventory of parts in-house at our Canadian Service Center located in Burlington, Ontario Canada.  Furthermore, Millennium Signatures is backed by the Electrox Laser Network.  Electrox a part of the 600 Group has installations around the world and a strong presence in the USA.  Millennium Signatures serves as exclusive distribution and full technical support services throughout Canada.

For more information on our systems and services, please contact our Technical Sales Team at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com

NEW Sign & Nameplate Technology



Millennium Signatures offers a unique NEW Technology called LASER SINTERING. It is particularly effective on Stainless Steel and Aluminum components and plates. Laser Sintering is now most commonly used in making durable high contrast, Signs, Plaques, ID Tags and Nameplates, Dataplates etc. This process can also be used for many Custom Part Marking Applications.

Laser Sintering essentially combines the high accuracy and efficiency of High Power Laser Marking with a special ceramic based coating that actually bakes itself into the cavity simultaneously as the high powered laser carves the image into the material with razor sharp precision.

It is ideal for very precise work such as Instrument Panels, Dials or Gauges and/or Plaques where the results need to be sharp crisp and black. Cosmetically it is a very impressive process, however it also stands up to even the harshest environments given the depth of the marking and the way the colour is actually embedded into the material using the intense heat of the laser.

The benefits of this process over the Deep Etch & Fill Process that has been more commonly used up until this point is that the Laser Sintering Process has proven to be a faster, sharper, less labour intensive process and is entirely computer controlled allowing for variable information to be easily changed from part to part. This process allows machine readable codes such as Linear, 2D Matrix and UID codes to be integrated into plate artwork and result in extremely high levels of readability.

The other strong benefit is that it is much more cost effective to produce low volumes and even singles by comparison. The only real drawback to this NEW process is that we are ONLY capable of producing a Deep Black imaging on the Natural, Brushed or Polished Finish material at this time. Unlike our Photo-Resist Deep Etch & Fill Process which uses an epoxy to fill the etched cavity. We are capable of using many different colours to in this process, in some cases we can even offer multiple colours as part of one image.

This NEW Technology has proven to provide exceptional results consistently and at lower prices than ever possible before and for these reasons we are proud to offer this process as a Millennium Signature Series Product.

Applications include:

  • Indoor / Outdoor signage
  • Dataplates for Transformers & Electrical Hardware
  • Dock Identification Plates for Yacht Clubs & Marinas
  • Instrument Panels
  • Electrical Panels
  • Awards

Benefits include:

  • Higher (more consistent) Contrast
  • Sharp Imaging
  • Greatly Reduced Lead Time
  • Significantly Lower Pricing

We have several other Sign and Nameplate Technologies, be sure to contact our Customer Support Team at (905) 639-0909 or info@millenniumsignatures.com for more information.

Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems VS Flat Bed (Flying Optic) Systems

Galvo Driven DesignA brief look at capabilities of Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems VS Flat Bed (Flying Optic) Laser Marking Systems.

When looking into purchasing a Laser Marking System, it is very important to recognize that there are two (2) very distinctly different types of Laser Marking Systems being offered in the market place today.  Among  a host of other smaller differences from one system to another  such as software features for example, the two distinctly different  system designs available consist of the Ultra High Speed/ High Precision Galvanometer (Glavo) Driven and what is known as Flat Bed (Flying Optic) systems.   This is where the most important differences in capabilities are found.  This is very important to consider because not only is the pricing between the designs significantly different, most importantly so are the capabilities.  Galvo Driven Technology is many times faster and more precise than the Flat Bed (Flying Optic) Design and incorporates just two (2) moving parts making the system considerably more reliable.  Galvo Driven designs also allow excellent control over marking depth as opposed to the alternative design.  It is important that these two technologies do not get directly compared to one another  in terms of pricing as they are very different in a multitude of ways which we will begin to explain here within this blog.

Galvanometers are extremely fast and precise motors which when mounted with mirrors can direct a beam of light with incredible precision and repeatability.  There are two (2) of these motors on a typical Galvo Driven Laser Marking System.  One Motor controls the movement for the X-Axis and the other controls the movement for the Y-Axis. On today’s modern Galvo Driven Systems, these are the only two parts that move with the exception of a Safety Shutter and any material handling equipment that may be supplied as part of the system or which the system may be interfaced with after purchase.  These incredible motors have been used in the laser industry for more than 25 years now and they have proven to be incredibly consistent and reliable.  It is not uncommon to see systems nearly 20 years old that have never had requirement for a Galvo Motor replacement.  It is a very sound technology and it continues to improve year after year.

Galvo Driven Systems can work using Vector or Raster based images where as the Flat Bed (Flying Optic) Systems utilize only Raster based artwork.  This is to say that Galvo driven systems actually draw characters or images much as someone would create the same image by hand using a pen and paper.  You have the control to speed the laser up or down and/or adjust power & frequency of the laser giving you complete control over the accuracy and penetration of the laser into the work surface.  In contrast the Flat Bed (Flying Optic) style laser systems have a head that physically travels back and forth on an assembly of belts, pulley’s and guides and dropping pulses of energy as it passes each time eventually creating an image. It is a very similar concept to the older plotters and Dot Matrix Printers only it drops pulses of light energy in place of ink.  It’s something that may be easier to see and experience for yourself than to have explained but one thing is for certain, you do not have near the control or the precision that you can get using a Galvo Driven system design.

The one design feature that is typically viewed as being a benefit with the Flat Bed (Flying Optic) style systems is the fact that they come with a fairly large bed area and can accommodate sometimes dozens of parts at one time.  Up to 48 pieces potentially depending on the size of your parts.  We often come by customers who feel it would be beneficial to have an operator be able to load up a large number of parts at one time and let the machine run, however when you look at the overall cycle time to complete the process, you could have marked potentially several times as many pieces in that same period using a Galvo Driven system.  The difference is that without the addition of material handling equipment such as a rotary table or a programmable X/Y table or a shuttle feeder etc.,  a typical Galvo Driven Laser system will be supplied with an optic that will provide a fixed marking field that might be in the area of approximately 220mm (8.66”) in diameter.  This is to say that the number of parts you could fixture within that area at any one time and how quickly an operator could load and unload the system will have a direct impact on the throughput that could be achieved.  There is no question that if you have a high volume of parts and you are looking to optimize throughput, that you should look to the Galvo Driven Technology, but also consider the many material handling options that are available from Millennium Signatures or have your laser system integrated to an existing material handling process for best results.

As mentioned Marking Depth is also an important consideration for some applications.  Getting marking depth is a function of several things.  You need to have enough power from your laser, you need the right spot size and a combination of the right speed and frequency settings to optimize the marking such that enough material is either vaporized or blown out of the cavity to give the required marking depth.  It is just not possible to control these parameters with a Flat Bed (Flying Optic) System design.

The other limitation that comes with purchasing Flat Bed (Flying Optic) Style Laser Systems is the size and depth of the products you can mark.  They are somewhat effective on small product that is a few inches deep or less such as pens and plaques and other low profile items.  However, using Galvo Driven Laser Technology such as those systems offered by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., you have the ability to mark parts of virtually any size and shape.  In some cases standard part marking enclosures will not accommodate all parts of all sizes, but there are lots of options that can be exercised for marking without standard enclosure.  Custom enclosures can be built or the Galvo Driven design is versatile enough to be mounted on gantry’s or integrated onto existing lines which would allow marking to be done from various angles as well if required.  There is so much versatility and capability incorporated into a Galvo Driven System design and customers need to be aware of all the advantages and limitations before making a decision to buy.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., is an exclusive Canadian Distributor for Electrox Lasers and now has 23+ Years working specifically with various Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems including Nd:YAG, Nd:YV04, Fibre and CO2.

For more information on Laser Marking Systems and/or Laser Safety, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Technical Sales Team at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com

Marksman – Top TEN reasons…

Computerized Dot Peen MarkingTop TEN Reasons…

to buy Marksman by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

Also known or referred to as:

Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems, Pin Stamping Machines, Dot Peen Stampers, Pin Markers, Peen Marking Systems, Dot Peen Markers, Pin Stampers, Computerized Stamping, Low Stress Marking, Indent Stamping, Metal Marking Systems, Part Marking Equipment, Marking Equipment, Marking Systems, Computerized Indent Stamping, Stamping Devices, Computerized Markers, Indent Coding Systems, Indent Marking Machines

The technical sales team at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., specializes in a few select processes designed to support a manufacturers requirement to properly and professionally and permanently identify their products whether it be for Traceability, Brand Labeling or important Safety Information.  Millennium Signatures will have a process that will get the text and/or graphics you need on your product in a manner that will suit your production needs.  When it comes to our Computerized Dot Peen Marking Process, Millennium Signatures’ Marksman product is the best we’ve ever worked with.  Our experience with Pin Marking or (Pin Stamping) systems goes back to the very first system of its kind ever to be introduced to the marketplace back in 1988.  Since that time Millennium Signatures has become extremely knowledgeable in what materials, design characteristics and features have proven to provide the best results.  We have produced our Top TEN list in an effort to sort through all the various aspects of what makes our systems the best value and present the most important things to consider in a short list making it easier for you to compare and understand why our systems will serve your needs best. 

  1. PLUG & PLAY – Easy to set-up and use
    The way we have designed these systems allows for component interchangeability and plug and play connectability.  Our systems are very easy to set-up and use. In some cases if its desired, we will completely assemble and test your system exactly as you would intend to use it in such a manner that all you would need to do is fold down the sides of the crating, remove protective foam and plug into a 110V Outlet and you are fully ready to use the equipment.  Having the system shipped this way does result in slightly higher shipping costs given that it is a crate as opposed to two or three boxes coming via courier, but this option is available. Assembly of the systems is also very easy should you wish to put the main components together on your own.  There is no need to stress over problems that may be encountered during set-up because we ship these systems throughout North and South America daily and we have getting you operational quickly and easily down to a science.  
    Millennium Signatures offers our systems in any of three (3) different configurations. We can provide our Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology as a Bench Top Marking Solution, a Portable (Hand-Held) Pistol Grip Style Marking Solution or as a Universal Mount (Integrator Series) configuration which allows for easy integration into existing automation such as production lines and cells. 
    Computer Controlled Stamping Technology has proven its effectiveness over the past 25 years.  They are cost effective to buy, maintain an extremely low cost of ownership over many years, they are still a mechanical device that uses a number of moving parts and provides an impact.  Millennium Signatures has never lost sight of this fact and Marksman product is designed to be durable year after year.  We do not use cast aluminum components, all of our systems are made with precision designed components that are put together with the best materials.  Our systems handle operating environments ranging from an office environment right through to very dirty manufacturing environments. We have watched our equipment endure environments so harsh our systems were virtually unrecognizable to us.  Millennium Signatures does not put any time or money into flashy colour schemes, molded cowlings or snappy decals.  We produce Industrial Marking Equipment not fashionable sports cars. We put our focus behind equipment that works and lasts. 
    Millennium Signatures’ Marksman Product are available with both of these technologies. The precision reinforced cog belt drive design is very precise and makes for a more cost effective solution. These systems are perfect for most applications.  They are durable and maintain their accuracy.  Should you purchase a system with the intent of doing a lot of Machine Readable Coding such as 2D Matrix or UID codes, you should consider our Ultra Precise Ball Screw Driven Systems. These systems are just that much more robust and accurate and reliable when it comes to Machine Readable Codes.   
    Millennium Signatures’ Marksman Products are available in both Air Driven or Electric Solenoid System Designs.  Both of these system designs perform almost identically.  We offer both solutions so that a client who has special circumstances such as using a Portable System from a Service Truck or moving a system to various parts of a plant that may or may not have a good source of compressed air readily accessible does not need to concern themselves with this additional hook-up.  However when it comes to clients who are trying to meet a depth specification such as ASME for example, the adjustability of the air Pressure can offer a little more versatility. Typically Air Driven Solenoid Systems are more popular than the Electric, but for those applications where Electric is a better fit, we offer an excellent product.  Please be sure to specify which Solenoid Design you would like at time of ordering.  
    All of our systems come with our JS-2000 Software allowing you to link up to a PC for the purposes of programming and controlling your system, transferring graphic files from CAD to the Marking System or backing up layouts etc. However only two (2) of our systems rely on this software.  Our entry level machine known as the Model MS-300L require a PC to be connected in order to control and operate the systems.  All of our other systems come with a compact controller (MS-200BN or MS-100N) which is fully capable of controlling all aspects of the system without any need for a PC!  Both of these controllers are also equipped with an SD Card Read/Write Drive that allows data to be backed up or files transferred.  Our NEW MS-200BN Controller is now also equipped with a USB port to allow for the option of using a flash drive if preferred. Even our systems that use the stand alone controllers come complete with the JS-2000 Software and can be connected up with a PC is desired. 
    Millennium Signatures incorporates the ability to mark 2D Matrix or UID Codes on to your product into every system.  Producing a code has never been easier. You simply enter the information into a field on the controller and select 2DM as the type of marking and then scale your code to suit.  The system software looks after the conversion flawlessly and makes code marking as easy to produce as regular alphanumeric text or graphics. For periodic marking of Machine Readable Codes, any of our systems can produce a good readable code on your product, however for applications where 2D Matrix or UID Code marking is the intended purpose of the equipment, our Ball Screw Driven Systems are recommended due to their extra level of accuracy and repeatability. 
    One of the most attractive aspects of how the Marksman Line was developed is that in almost every case, the various components between systems are interchangeable. For example, controllers and marking heads are not custom matched. Various models of our Controllers are plug and play compatible with our various Marking Heads.  This proves to be very beneficial in allowing Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., or your local area representative for supporting you using our temporary swap out program in the event you should experience a problem with your system that may warrant repair.  It is also beneficial if you should wish to upgrade to a larger marking head at some point in the future or upgrade to a Ball Screw driven system should your product requirements change down the road.  It’s just another unique feature that makes our systems and service capabilities versatile and potential downtime to an absolute minimum.  
    Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., is proud to offer an emergency swap out service if it should become necessary that a part of your system requires repair and a few days is needed but down time is not an option! Given the versatility of our system as described briefly above, we can get you a Marking Head or a Controller to take the place of your equipment while we make any necessary repairs regardless if we are repairing your system in one of our repair facilities or on-site at your facility.  Lost time does not have to occur.  Even if we do not have your exact model of Controller or Marking Head ready at that moment, any of our equipment can take the place of another and bridge the gap of your original equipment until repairs can be finalized. 
    Millennium Signatures is now pleased to offer a Standard 2-Year Warranty on all of it’s Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems & Components. 


In conclusion, Millennium Signatures has nearly 25 years experience and extensive knowledge of this technology and competing products.  We successfully sell a large volume of these products throughout North and South America annually and have worked hard to build a strong product line that has proven to be exceptional quality supported by quality service and support at pricing that has often been reported back as some of the best in the industry.

We hope that you will contact our Technical Sales team by phone at (905) 639-0909 or through e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com and allow us to assess your application and provide you with a proposal and the supporting technical information you require.

Computerized Dot Peen Markers – Entry Level Benchtop Systems

MS-300L Entry Level Bench Top Marking System
MS-300L Entry Level Bench Top Marking System

Versatile Bench Top Marking Solutions ideal for generic part marking applications and limited budgets.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., would like to introduce our Model MS-300 and MS-300L Part Marking Systems.  The Model MS-300 and the MS-300L are considered to be our entry level Dot Peen (Pin Stamping / Pin Marking) Systems.  Both systems are supplied complete with a Marking Head that provides a marking area of 95mm X 75mm and a base with manual adjustable column. As with all of our Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems they come complete with our JS-2000 Software Package which gives the ability to link your system to a Windows based PC.

The difference between these systems is that the Model MS-300L requires a PC be connected in order to operate.  The Model MS-300 is nearly identical in terms of physical dimensions and capabilities, but it has a controller complete with LCD Screen built into the marking head and has a port built-in to accommodate a Mini Keyboard so that the system despite having computer link capabilities can operate independently and does not require a PC.

These systems are excellent entry level systems for budget conscious applications, where use may be periodic or a versatile system is required to handle a variety of part marking applications.  Both the Model MS-300 and MS-300L are Reinforced Cog Belt Driven Systems and have Air Driven solenoids.  The electronics are mounted within the head on these specific systems as opposed to within a separate controller.  These systems do not have cast housings, they are all made with heavy gauge precision machined components and  protected with a rugged steel casing.  The Marksman line of products are not built with fancy molded plastic cowlings nor are they intended to look like sports cars, they are designed for lasting durability and precision year after year in harsh industrial environments.   These systems are super fast providing marking at speeds of up to five (2mm) characters per second. They both offer Linear, Circular (ARC), Oblique-Line and Angular Marking.  They are also capable of marking 2D Matrix and UID Codes, Automatic Serialization, Date Coding, Julian Calendar, Special (Custom) Coding, Day & Night (Shift) Coding.  Graphics & Logo’s can also be imported from CAD (PLT)  via RS-232 Interface and marked using these systems .

The Air Driven Solenoid provides powerful and consistent marking results which deliver an average marking depth of approximately 0.004″ (0.01 cm) on most materials.  Potentially more on plastics and some softer metals.  The system comes complete with a regulator so the pressure can be adjusted to provide optimum results on the specific material you are working with.

Our JS-2000 Software is included or available for all of our Computerized Dot Peen Systems.  This software will install easily on any Windows based PC and allow you to communicate directly with your system to create layouts and control the system as an interface allowing you to back-up layouts or down load logo’s and graphics.    

These systems are aggressively priced and frequently beat out competitive systems.

This equipment / process is also known or commonly referred to as:

Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems, Pin Stamping Machines, Dot Peen Stampers, Pin Markers, Peen Marking Systems, Dot Peen Markers, Pin Stampers, Computerized Stamping, Low Stress Marking, Indent Stamping, Metal Marking Systems, Part Marking Equipment, Marking Equipment, Marking Systems, Computerized Indent Stamping, Stamping Devices, Computerized Markers, Indent Coding Systems, Indent Marking Machines

To learn more about the capabilities of these markers and to get a formal quotation, please contact our Technical Sales Department at (905) 639-0909 or info@millenniumsignatures.com.  Thank-you for visiting our website and considering our Marksman line of Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems.  


NEW Rotary Dot Peen Marking Systems


Millennium Signature’s MS-80100-BTM ROTARY Marking System (Cylinder Marking)  –  Shown above

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., has specialized in the Sales & Service of Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems, “Pin Stamping” or “Pin Marking” as it is often called since 1988.   There are three (3) basic configurations that our systems are available in, those being Bench Top Marking SystemsHand Held Portable (Pistol Grip Style) Markers and the Integrator Series “Universal Mount” Systems intended for custom mounting integrated as part of existing automation. We would like to draw special attention to our Rotary/Hex Bar Marking System which falls within our “Bench Top” line of products. There are many unique design features to our system which gives our Rotary Marker advantages over any other system presently on the market.  Unlike any other system of its kind, our Rotary Marking System is equipped with a positive locating slide table assembly which allows the operator to switch between circumferential marking applications and the more conventional flat and radial (ARC) marking applications within seconds by simply sliding the Rotary Fixture in or out of position under the marking head.  This saves a considerable amount of time spent on set-ups and also allows the center point of your rotary marking fixture to remain in alignment with the marking head at all times.  These systems have also been ruggedly designed with heavy duty motors and precision chucks which can accommodate parts up 100mm (4.0″) in diameter and 15Kg (33Lbs) in weight without any special upgrades or custom modifications. 

Our systems have also been designed to allow interchangeability with our various marking heads and controllers.  The NEW Rotary Marking System can now be operated using our MS-200-BN or MS-100-N controllers.  The Rotary System can be equipped with a different marking heads at any time should a different field size be needed or short term substitution for a repair should be required.  As with all of our Dot Peen Marking Systems except the entry level MS-300-L System, they all operate using controllers which come with  software allowing to you to connect to a PC and even operate using a PC, but the controllers are capable of full functionality completely on their own.  No need for a PC, both our MS-200-BN Controller and our MS-100-N Controller are equipped with SD Card slots with Read/Write capability and our MS-200-BN is now also equipped with a USB port allowing flash drives to transfer graphic files to and from your system and back-up layouts etc.  Our Rotary Marking System is truly unique next to any other system presently on the market and we are very proud of its user friendly design, quality construction and proven durability and a price point so effective that easily competes with competitors systems that do not even offer Circumferential / Hex Bar marking capability.

This equipment / process is also known or commonly referred to as:

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For more information on this system, please contact a member of our technical sales team at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com

MARKSMAN Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems

Dot Peen system- parts marking, pin marking


Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce you to our Marksman Line of Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems.  Computerized Dot Peen Marking or “Pin Stamping” as it is often called is a computerized solution for permanently stamping identification onto plastic and metal products without the need for costly Engraved Steel Stamping Dies or extensive amounts of time and money spent on tooling and set-ups.  Not only will Computerized Dot Peen Marking allow for fast easy keyboard/Scanner entry of the variable data you wish to mark, but it generates the characters, images and barcodes to the scale you require and marks them permanently into most materials to an average depth of 0.004”.  The system creates characters and images at very high speed, however the system does generate the markings by stamping one dot at a time using a Tungsten Carbide Stylus and this greatly reduces the amount of stress on the parts.

The Computerized Dot Peen marking Process is very versatile. It can mark materials ranging from soft plastics to hardened metals. All of our Computerized Dot Peen Marking System models can provide Linear (Straight line) marking as well as Radial (Arc) marking. The process can accommodate marking on flat or contoured surfaces and with our Rotary Marking  System we can offer full circumferential marking on Cylinders and Hex bar as well.

Marking speeds are very efficient ranging according to character size and font.  As a guideline, our systems will properly indent stamp into many metals to a depth of 0.004” at a rate of five (5) characters per second.

Things to consider when looking into Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology

  1.  We offer two different precision drive technologies:
    –    Precision Reinforced Cog Belt Driven Design    
    –    Ultra High Precision Ball Screw Driven Design (Ideal for 2D Matrix & UID Code Applications)
  2. We offer two (2) different solenoid styles:
    –    Air Driven Solenoid 
    –    Electric Driven Solenoid (Available on some models)
  3. We offer systems in three (3) different configurations:
    –    Adjustable Bench Top Marking  
    –    Hand-Held (Pistol Grip) Portable Marking 
    –    Universal Mount (Integrator Series) Marking Heads for adaptation to existing automation.
  4. Our systems can except variable data to be marked via
    –    Keyboard Entry
    –    Linear/2D Barcode Scanner
    –    RS-232 Serial Interface
  5. Our Systems are fully supported in the field by trained technicians or your product can be sent back to our Service Center in Burlington, Ontario for repair.

Temporary Loaner Program (SWAP) is also in place for most models to prevent downtime during repair should it become necessary.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., has experience working with Computerized Dot Peen Marking Equipment since the technology was first introduced to the marketplace back in 1987.  This technology has become more efficient and more cost effective over the years and Millennium Signatures “Marksman” product has an excellent track record and is very well proven product at this point. The cost-of ownership on the Marksman Product is incredible, given that they do not really have any consumables other than the periodic re-sharpening and eventual replacement of the Tungsten Carbide Marking tip. These systems have been repeatedly known to give 5 or 6 years of initial service on a daily basis without incurring any additional expense beyond the initial investment.

There are several models available and basic bench top systems can be purchased starting for as little as $4,000.00 US Dollars.

This equipment / process is also known or commonly referred to as:

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