Portable Dot Peen Marking

The NEW Wireless (Bluetooth) Hand-Held Portable makes marking large heavy parts easy!


Portable Dot Peen Marking System Dot Peen Marking- interchangeable Heads and Controllers
MS-10030-FA Series Full Capability Controller

MS-10030-FA Series

 Full Capability Controller

– Compact Design – 40cm (W) X 25cm (L) X 19cm (H)
– Lightweight – 8Kg (20Lbs)
– 2D Matrix & Barcode Marking capabilities
– Linear, Arc, Angular and circumferential marking
– Communicates with PC for extra storage and back-up
– FAST – 3 characters per second (2mm Character)
– Automatic Serialization, Date Coding capable
– Built-in keyboard & SD Card Reader / Writer


MS-200BN Controller

The Millennium Signatures Model MS-200BN Mini Controller is the latest controller to be developed.

It is a standalone controller which has computer link capability but does NOT require a PC in order to control our marking heads. It features an independent mini keyboard and it has a large LCD screen

(240mm X 128mm) making it easy to input and modify your data.  This controller is designed to work in operating temperatures up to 50 degrees C without any additional cooling.

This controller is packed full of functionality and is equipped with USB connectivity and a read/write SD Card making it easy to back up layouts and transfer data without a PC connection.

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MS-10030-SA Series

MS-10030-SA Series

– Lightweight (approx 3.5Kg / 7.7 Lbs)
– Ergonomic grip designed for operator comfort
– Optional adjustable nesting fixtures available
– No separate power cable required

Various Styles of Marking 
Tips & Nose Cone Assemblies available

Stylii and Nose Cone Assemblies for Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems

  Stylii and Nose Cone Assemblies for Computerized
Dot Peen Marking Systems